Anu Lanka Tours

With over 13 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry, we place premium on providing “legendary” service, guaranteeing the highest standards possible every time.

Our unique travel excursions are made complete with the warm, friendly service equipped with tourist board approved driver guides who operate a large fleet of luxury vehicles in the country. Therefore the travelers will be provided with the best rates and offers when wanting to plan a vacation to our Emerald Isle.

We are ready to escort you to regions far and wide, regardless of whether it is the tea plantations of the central highlands or the cultural monuments of years gone by.

Come and discover the unbridled hospitality of this fascinating land and you will take back many memories of a truly Sri Lankan holiday.

Why we are special than the other travel agencies?

  • 1. Ability to provide the best options and best prices.
  • 2. We will give you a bespoke trip
  • 3. Your time will be saved
  • 4. Tours will be arranged as per your wishes
  • 5. Flexible in arranging tours


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