Your chauffeur will be waiting at the airport to go to your hotel in Sigiriya, Or habarana. This will take about 6 hours by car. I Make this intense day Because You gain so one day, but if you see it very hard to sleep next to the airport and the next day you trasladais the Cultural Triangle.

Day 2 - SIGIRIYA + Minneriya (Night at Sigiriya)

In the morning you will visit Sigiriya. You can enjoy the famous frescoes, see the ruins of old prisons, swimming pools, rooms of the palace ... And you've Climbed raise the top, you can admire the view.

In the afternoon after eating, you do the safari in one of the parks (Which will you choose Which, a few days before). I commented About Minneriya That one thing is Important to know: Minneriya, Hurulu Eco Park and Kaudulla. What we suggest is that it is only one of them as it depends on when the elephants are moving and either in a park or another. So it is best to ask the days before most of it it it them Where are and you visit the park more populated

If you like, in the afternoon you can make a massage with medicated oils (PRICE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACK).


From the hotel you go towards Dambulla to visit the famous temple under the rock. Heritage recognized by UNESCO. It is Considered one of the most beautiful in the whole island Consist of five caves, Which in the first century AD , Were Transformed into Buddhist temples, 153 Buddhas Within and Among Which the sculpture of reclining Buddha 14m. You can admire the frescoes and carvings made in the very rock inside the caves. If you fancy, you can make a stop at the Hindu temple Nalanda Gegide. It is one of the oldest stone buildings in Sri Lanka, I have started It is a Hindu temple and ended up being used by Buddhists. It has the unique Tantric sculptures in the country.

Or else, you can find another site That is very much worth: Aluvihara Temple. Next to Dambulla is part of the "Rock Temples" is less well known but has great significance: it is where the doctrines of Buddhism transmitted orally were transcribed by firsttime. This decision was taken to avoid lost due to the multitude of Indian invasions. For This, 500 scholars Gathered in the temple monks to recite the doctrines and agree on a single version for transcription.

On the way to Kandy, you will make a stop in the Garden of spices of Matale. There, you can learn the method of Ayurvedic medicine based on spices and medicinal oils.

As at end point of the day you will eat to Kandy. It is the most beautiful city in Sri Lanka not only for its beautiful lake, but because you can see how to city Sri Lankan style (not quite as Europeanized Colombo). After visiting the famous Temple of the Tooth of Buddha it is totally recommended. In Addition to observing ITS architecture, paintings and of course the place Where They keep the tooth of Buddha to remove the Perahera Festival, you can see how people pray there, as They Make Their offerings, and as the spirituality of Buddhism live. That is why, it has an interesting to know part.

Day 4 - Strolling through Nuwara Eliya KANDY + + + FACTORY Ramboda Waterfall TEA (Night at Nuwara Eliya)

Well early in the morning you are going to wander a bit through the city of Kandy, making the parade in the home market. All that is a bit chaotic, so worth it Because esta is Where the current Sri Lanka will know.

Later you go towards the tea plantations. On the way to the city of Nuwara Eliya you can make a stop at the Factoria Tea to see how tea is prepared before being marketed, famous gatherer see the women of tea and enjoy the scenery. Everything and who have not mentioned, I think you might like Ramboda Waterfall. As to the end point you can walk around the city to enjoy ITS colonial buildings, lake, market, Hindu temples like Seetha Amman ... This site is interesting as most of it it it population is Hindu and you can see the Difference between that culture and Sri Lankan.


If you like and do not mind trekking up early That day, you can do 9Km walk in the famous Horton Plains National Park. There, you will enjoy the wildlife and flora. You have just about 10:30am in the morning.

Then you go to Nanuoya to make the prettiest of all travel. The train at 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm to arrive there, where your guide will be waiting. The ride costs 1000 rupees per person and think it's interesting because you can enjoy spectacular scenery and the experience of traveling with Sri Lankans.

If you do not want, you do the drive. Once there, you can walk along the railway line and there is a restaurant Which I personally like a lot called Chill Café. There you can Have a drink or dinner.

Day 6 - YALA NATIONAL PARK (Night at Tissamaharana)

You are going Toward the Yala National Park for safari 5 hours in the afternoon. I commented That it is best done in the afternoon Because everything and see more or fewer animals depends on the luck factor, it is true That it is Easier to see in the afternoon (as it 's not so hot and the animals Often leave Their Resting place.

Day 7 - FISHERMEN Welligama + + UNAWUATUNA GALLE (Night at Unawuatuna)

On the way to the coastal area, you make a stop to see fishermen Welligama. This is a totally tourist visit because they are not real fishermen, they are put there because they know that many tourists stop to take pictures. So if you want you can stop there for what you veíais and you make photos, but I would do it is take pictures With zoom from a not so nearby, Because if you approach, They will come running to ask you for money. Then you eat in Galle and take a tour of this city. It 's very charming in the area Where it is, by colonial buildings, and the good taste of some bar's, restaurants and shops. In Addition, you can visit the fort and learn all the history of the place.

Finally, you are going to Unawuatuna.

Day 8 - UNAWAUTUNA + NEGOMBO (Night at Negombo)

In the morning you enjoy the beach and then heading to Negombo you go to sleep, because sleep is better than in Colombo. The Capital city is an hour and a half from the airport and only 20 minutes from Negombo.


Your driver will leave you at the airport two hours before departure of your flight.

End Of The Tour


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Dear Anura, Thank you so much for these 11 Days with us and for showing us all the Beautiful places in Sri Lanka. It has been a great experience and we really enjoyed the Landscapes, Temples and Towns (and also the amazing trekking we have done). You have been a great guide, a great driver and a lovely company to us.
Madrid (Spain)
Anura : You are the best driver and guide we could ask for our Honeymoon! and Best companion too! We don’t have enough words to describe this wonderful experience. We’ll be forever grateful. You made everything so easy going!
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